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hi, my name is emma wolff

emma wolff

junior @ mount holyoke college, future software engineer

Peace and blessings, welcome to Wolff's world!

I am an avid reader, passionate learner, and pushed every day by curiousity. I love exploring all aspects of technology - from coding in multiple languages, 3D printing my creations, learning about new softwares and applications - truthfully, ever since I built my "hello world" implemention I've been hooked.

Languages and Technologies: Java, Python, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, R, React, extensive web design and development experience, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Microsoft SQL Server, Eclipse, UX Design, GitHub, Blender, APIs, and Photoshop. Advanced in all Microsoft Office applications. Excels at 3D printing and technical project management.

I am enthusiastic to continually advance my technical abilities. On account of this I am taking several high level computing classes at both Mount Holyoke College and University of Massachusetts Amherst, operating as a the Lead Student Director for the Computer Science Department at Mount Holyoke College, and looking forward to being a software engineer intern at J.P. Morgan Chase in the Summer of 2020. I love learning the never-ending capacities of technology, from enjoy participating in hack-a-thons to persistently challenging myself with new personal projects in addition to coursework.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." Thomas Edison

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personal projects

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New York

We The People

August 2019

After pitching an idea to collaboratively build this site during my coding bootcamp I am so pleased it came to life - made in hopes that the People will explore our living breathing document, the Constitution, in modern interactive style. Enhanced personal capacity to project manage, as well as technically implementing GitHub, APIs, node.js, and more!

world behind bars

World Behind Bars

September 2019

Data visiualization of the global carceral state made during a hack-a-thon: an issue near to my heart after experiencing parental incarceration. Made technical gains practicing implementing anychart API, javaScript, and JSON application.

state sales of surveillance spyware

State Sales of Surveillance Spyware

Fall Term 2019

Created to display trends in State sales of surveillance spyware interactively according to governence. Further highlighting whistleblowers, hot topics in field of Cyberpolitics, and democratic backsliding in the age of mass surveillance. Was an amazing oppurtunity for fusing interests in tech and political fields.

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"Hello, world (of coding)" The Gates, Mount Holyoke College, Emma Wolff '21

"As our group said its goodbyes, I felt blindsided by how much I’d grown. I left with a newfound love for coding and the logic inherent to software engineering. I found I love leading a team. I also discovered that in the world of software, learning isn’t limited to a formal class setting or dynamic. Once you know how to utilize the internet, nothing obstructs your path to knowledge."

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